Video of our two murals at the Gängeviertel in Hamburg

These murals are located in a very special place called Gängeviertel in the city center of Hamburg. Gängeviertel consists of twelve nice historical houses – the last ones of their kind – which are surrounded by soulless glass and concrete buildings. We are proud that we had the chance to paint the façades of the „Kupferdiebe Haus“ („house of copper thieves“), the building in which our studio was situated before we moved to Berlin.

A few words on the significance ot the spot:

Gängeviertel is an important cultural spot for Hamburg and a symbol against gentrification. These houses were empty for several years inspite of severe housing shortage and vanishing subcultural spots. The City of Hamburg had just sold the buildings to an investor who wanted to remove the traditional houses when a strong alliance of artists occupied the place in 2009. Luckily, the occupiers were supported by numerous citizens. Under this pressure the City of Hamburg bought the houses back and made them available to the new registered and self-governed association Gängeviertel e.V.

Video by Philipp Lee Heidrich