In 2019 the Low Bros went to Heidelberg, Germany to paint an abandoned US supermarket in frame of the 5th edition of the Metropolink Urban Art Festival.

„The supermarket was the perfect playground for us to implement some of our new ideas. Recently, we started integrating products into our images to reflect our relationship with brands and their goods.
To what extent can art and brands be combined, and what is our general relationship to the products that surround us daily and are so deeply rooted in our lives? All these relationships are often ambivalent. We use this product that makes us feel good or optimize our lives, but at the same time it might harm the environment, or we support an evil company.
A brand can either support the arts and help artist to realize their projects, or starting to affect and distort the authenticity of a subculture.
We have always been very much opposed to letting brand names appear in our works, even if they are already part of pop culture. Therefore, it is interesting for us to develop our own brands and brand our pieces without any restraint. With this piece we want to explore the limits of compatibility. How does this feel pleasant or deterrent? It also allows us to anticipate how an actual brand collaborations can work for us and where to set our boundaries.“